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District Kulgam is a newly created district that came into existence after being carved out from district Anantnag and made functional administratively with effect from 2nd April, 2007. Nallah Veshav which drains most of the northern face of Pir Panjal is the main left bank tributary of river Jehlum and traverses through District Kulgam. Before confluence of Veshev with the Jehlum it gets broken off into a number of channels providing drinking water facilities and irrigation to huge tracts of the land of the District . Kulgam a picturesque town situated at 75.02 E longitude and 33.15 N latitude nestled in the lap of Peer Panchal Ranges and overlooking the left bank of River Veshew has come up along a sloppy Karewa from Larow to Chawalgam.Town Kulgam is situated at a distance of about 68 kms from Srinagar and about 17 kms from Anantnag. It has road connectivity with its neighboring districts like Shopian, Pulwama, Anantnag and Ramban etc. and Town besides being linked with far flung areas of the District by a dependable road network.

Population features

As per 2011 Census, the District has 60398 households with a population of 4,23,181 souls consisting of 216873 males & 206308 females with a sex ratio of 951 females per 1000 males. Population of the District is predominantly Muslims followed by Hindus and Sikhs. About 5.40 % of the total population (2011 Census) is Schedule Tribe .
Rural-Urban Composition: The district is mostly rural in character except the notified areas of MC Qaimoh, MC Kulgam , MC Devsar , MC Yaripora and MC Frisal . As many as 368977 persons, constituting 87.20 % of total population, live in rural areas while as only 54204 persons contributing 12.80 % to the population live in urban areas in the District as per results of the 2011 Census. Apart from Kulgam , four MCs namely Qaimoh, Devsar , Yaripora and Frisal came into being during the year 2006.

Tourist Places

The district has tourist spots like ��Ahrabal water fall�� on Veshev Nallah which is a place of sight-seeing in the extreme south-west of district Kulgam. , Kongwattan and Gurwattan ahead of Ahrabal, Charenbal and Nandimarg high land pastures are also places of tourist attraction apart from virgin meadows in the area from Kund to Ladigasan ( ahead of Aherbal clefts). The District also has super abundance of natural water resources in the shape of various famous springs such as, Kounsernag ( ahead of Aherbal ) , Waseknag (Kund) , Khee Nag( Khee Jogipora) , etc.

Dr Syed Abid Rashid Shah (IAS)

Deputy Commissioner / District Development Commissioner /
District Magistrate/ District Collector Kulgam.

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